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ok here is the deal...Scooter gets 30 months during which time his life might possibly be in danger. He has to pay $250 Gs. This is so sad I'm truly weeping on my keyboard! How WILL he cope? And he probably didn't do anything that some dick [Cheney] didn't tell him to do. But you know, my mother used to say, "If he tells you to jump off a bridge, would you?" Of course, the answer is ... well it depends.

It depends on whether I really think jumping off a bridge is a good idea or not. If I do, I probably would do it. However, I have to decide what the consequences of jumping off said bridge are. Will it cost me money? If so, how much? Will it cause me physical harm? If so, how much? Are there safety nets in place to protect me at all? For example, will the proverbial "he" back me up and tell everybody he told me to do it and, therefore it is his fault, not mine? Is there a bungee cord attached to my ankles? Were all the documents shredded? And so forth.

Ultimately, though, my mother was correct. I would be the one doing the jumping and would have to face the consequences of that jump. PERIOD!

Now, wait a minute, lets look at Valerie. She should be thinking about how much better her life is now thanks to Scooter!

1)She no longer has to risk her life every day to do her job...well unless you count the contracts that have doubtless been put out on her by the terrorist organizations she previously infiltrated.
2)She gets to sit around in an air conditioned office at the nice CIA building in DC instead of grubbing around is some god forsaken desert.
3) She is now famous. Nobody ever even heard of her until Scooter told us all about her. Now we definitely know who she is, who she's married to and where she lives ... almost. I bet we could find out easy enough.
4) It did cost her a bit of money because she will no longer get the higher pay scale for being in the field, but hey, she will live longer so in the long run she will get more money.

So, instead of putting the poor bastard in jail, we should give him a pat on the back for straightening out Valerie's life for her. And instead of charging him a fine, we should make him pay for self help classes on how to make your own decisions and how to select your friends and even how to keep a secret. Most of us learned these things in pre school, but I bet if we checked, we would find out Scooter's parents had him skip pre school and kindergarten and go straight to first grade!

Watch for his new book: "From First Grade to the White House to the Big House: The Tongue of Scooter Libby." to be published in about 30 months...


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