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We only drove about 4 hours today, so that wasn't too bad.  The hotel in Knoxville is not the best, but it is ok.  Kinda small and their internet won't let John's apple products log oh.  HA!

Our big adventure in this town was supposed to be the World's Fair Park.  Guess again.  First of all on the way down there, we stopped at a stop light.  The light was right at a railroad track.  When it turned green, I proceeded to drive across the train tracks.  Seems OK, right?  I mean the light would not turn green if there was a train, right?  WRONG!  There was a train right there, so I punched the gas and made it across.  The guy behind me had to wait.  There was no crossing guard, no lights, no train whistle, nothing.  Just a green light and a train.  Scared us to death.

Then we went to find the parking lot that the woman at the hotel desk told us about.  We could see it from the street we were on, but there was no way in.  So we drove down the street and found some parking lots, garages, and spaces, but they were all for U of Tennessee staff and students.  After we drove through the park, we found the entrance to the parking for the park so we parked.

By this time,  we had been driving around for a hour and I needed a restroom.  The Knoxville Convention Center was right there, so we went in.  The women's restroom was locked, but the attendant was there, so I asked what was the deal.  She said, we lock the restrooms at 2:30 when there is no event in progress.  I check the time and it was, in fact, 2:30.  She had apparently locked the women's room first because John was able to get into the men's room.  So when he came out, I told him mine was locked and the attendant rushed over and locked the men's.  sheesh!  Outside we spotted a building with big letters spelling RESTROOMS, do we headed over there.  They were "Temporarily Closed."  Did I mention it was hot outside?  Well, it was.  So we walked on looking for the Sun Sphere.  But low and behold, there was another restroom building, but, you guessed it...it was locked.  We walked out of the park and up the street to the Chocolate Factory, but they did not have restrooms so we did NOT buy chocolate.  We then decided to just leave and go back to the hotel.  As we walked past one of the restroom buildings, there was a janitor unlocking the door to clean it.  I wondered why they needed to clean it since it had been locked, but John, in all his wisdom, asked the attendant if I could use it and he begrudgingly allowed me to.  Whew!

Feeling much better we decided to go up in the Sun Sphere to the observation deck where you could see up into the Smokey Mountains.  You are now thinking that this adventure was saved from total failure, but you would be wrong.  We finally found the entrance to said Sun Sphere and got on the elevator and pushed 4.  There were signs everywhere instructing you to push NO button except 4.  ===aside === When we were in NYC many years ago, we went up to the observation deck of the WTC and the elevator ride took about 30 seconds.=== It took a full 2 minutes to go up to 4 and there was no fan or AC in the elevator.  When it stopped at 4, the door did not open.  John pushed the open door button, still nothing.  We heard the other elevator arrive and laughing, cheerful, chatting tourists got off and began to ooh and all at the view.  Our door still did not open.  So John pushed 1.  Down we went....however slowly.  When we stopped at 1 the door opened and we high tailed it out of there.

Came back to the hotel and took a nap after a quick stop at the grocery for supplies.  You know it's a bad town when the best thing that happens during your stay is an excellent steak at Applebee's.

Can't recommend Knoxville.


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