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While walking and driving in Roswell, we noticed a few green lawns.  They were very sporadic.  Those people must water their lawns every day.  The green ones look very "alien" nestled amongst all the brown lawns.  Some of them even needed mowing.  People are so strange.

Another thing that strikes us as very strange is that there is no cafe, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or any place to get food or cold drinks in the entire "alien zone" downtown.  In order to get sustenance, you must get in your car and drive several blocks.  Seems like a gold mine waiting to be found to me.

It is so cold in the restaurants, that I have to wear my linen jacket.  I had Mexican food for dinner last night.  I had a "smother burrito" which was a burrito made from shredded beef and covered with a green sauce.  It was soooooo good.  John had a salad.  Poor baby.

Everyone here drives white cars.  I think because they reflect the sun better than dark ones.  We have no trouble finding our car in parking lots...it's the only dark one.

Today we went to the zoo.  It was pitiful.  We knew it would be very small, which it was, but the birds were in tiny cages and there were no big animals except two deer, two long horns, and a llama.  They had bigger pens, but still nothing like the great habitats at the Louisville zoo.  However, everything we have done so far here has been free.  Some places have a donation jar, which we drop bills in, but there is no charge for anything.

We also went to the Historical Society and toured a house.  It was funny, because it was only 100 years old.  Shoot, in Louisville, that's not even very old.  People still live in houses that old.  And most of the "artifacts" were things I've seen in operation or in my Grandpa's attic.  But it was interesting.

The heat here is oppressive.  I expected my allergies to get better here, but they are, in fact, worse.  I guess because of the dust.  When it gets to be over 100 we come back to the hotel for a nap.  It's 109 outside now.  I get a headache about the time the thermometer reads 102. 

We are beginning to look forward to going home.  Humidity, a cat, a river, and drinkable tap water...


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