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Found frozen custard last night and had some.  It was good.  Then we walked all over down town and I'll post pictures on face book later.  There are aliens everywhere.  This town took one incident (albeit a major incident) and turned it into a town "theme" and tourist attraction.  It is a hoot.  I expect if you lived here, you'd be sick of hearing about it, but for tourists, it's great.  We are amazed how many tourists we are running into and the UFO festival is only a week away.  I guess they were doing like us and seeing this stuff before the crazies show up.

Today we went to the Art Museum.  it was named after Robert H Goddard and had a bunch of his early rocket experiments that his wife donated.  It was very cool.  John fixed my camera so that I could take pictures without a flash, so I took a ton.  There was other art too.  My favorite was a painting of a steer skull that looked like it was made out of dried leaves.  When we went over to read about it, found out that it was really an oil painting on linen.  But it sure looked like dried tobacco leaves.  I was surprised to see it was by Georgia O'Keefe.  I bought a small print to frame and hang.  It was very cool.  John's favorite part were the weapons displays and the Indian bead work.

Then we went for more frozen custard and it was still good.  However, when the car thermometer and the bank thermometer both say 108 degrees, there is nothing to do but go back to the hotel and take a nap.  I guess that is what siestas are for.

Tonight we are going to eat Mexican and walk in a housing area and tomorrow it's the zoo and the history museum.  Tomorrow is our last day in Roswell. :(
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