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So after we finally got settled in our new room and took a 2 hour nap while it was 102 degrees outside, we went to eat at a place recommended by the hotel desk clerk.  Oh boy...not a good idea.  The place was Farley's and professed to make the best burgers in NM.  If that is true, I pity NM.  The service sucked.  Took us almost 2 hours to have burgers.  It was so loud, we could not have a conversation.  TVs every 3 feet and everyone talking at the top of their lungs.  Not pleasant.  The decor was cute, they decorated with posters of old science fiction movies and that was fun to look at, but all we could do was nudge each other and point and not and smile.  So we ate and went for a brief stroll and back home to watch a movie on HBO, but I forget what it was.  Then we watched mythbusters which we had not seen before.

Today we got up early and went in search of NMU-Roswell.  Never did find it.  We decided it must be one of those houses by the side of the road, but it must be incredibly small.  We'll try again later.

UFO Museum!  Was truly awesome.  I thought it would be small and hokey, but it was bigger than I thought and the stuff they had was really cool.  They had tons of newspaper articles about the crash.  They had sworn affidavits from all sorts of people including some air force personnel.  They had biographical info about all the people who had signed the affidavits some of them were Air Force officers.  They had pictures of some of the debris and then pictures of the stuff that officials claimed was the same debris, but it wasn't.  It was cool.  There was a lot of art and one section was devoted to early alien humor.  There was a section of faked UFO pictures and explanations of how they were proven to be fake.  Along side those, there were pictures of stuff that no one has been able to prove is fake.  Very cool.

There is an enormous research library which is where John is right now.  I did not want to hang out for two hours while he read books.  There were thousands of books and magazines and first-hand accounts and pictures and god knows what all.

I bought my kids some alien gifts from the gift shop.  It was well worth the trip.  We got our money's worth out of our visit there.

Then we walked down main street which is the alien zone.  Found a wonderful deli where we had great tuna salad sandwiches and came back here because it was 103 degrees.  I'm working on this and uploading pictures while John is at the UFO library doing research.

Tonight we are going to the park for a walk.

I should mention that the weather here is absolutely wonderful except for about 3 hours in the afternoon when it gets too hot.  The rest of the time it is lovely.  Nice breeze, mild temperatures.  I can see why people want to live here.  Gorgeous.


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