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Ok, so we went to Bricktown and it was so lovely.  Then we got up the next morning and took off for Amarillo, TX.  Believe it or not, the scenery got even flatter!  It was about a 5 hour drive, but there was not much alien activity.  Saw one alien squashed on the road.  It must have been an alien because it didn't look like any earth creature we had ever seen.  A few crop circles and the one spacecraft which John took a picture of.  (See my facebook photos).

We arrived in Amarillo and my advice to you is, don't go there.  Since Bricktown had been such a lovely time, we tried to find something similar (think Wilmington's waterfront; Louisville's Bardstown Road, waterfront part, 4th street live; or Memphis Beale Street.)  We would even have settled for a Westport Village-type place with picturesque landscaping and shops.  NOT.  The area that the hotel and the internet directed us to was described as an old section of town that had been revamped to include quirky shops, restaurants, and lounges.  Wrong!  It was a dump.  I did not want to even get out of the car.  The only restaurants were in broken down buildings and served barbecue at best.  Mostly it was saloons.  they had quaint names like:  Old West Saloon, Big Q Balls, Cowboy Pub, and so forth.  However, they all looked like rough bars that would not welcome a couple of Louisvillians like ourselves.  So we went to a strip mall and had frozen yogurt.

While we were at the strip mall, we went into the shadow of a building and did some tai chi.  Ate dinner at a chain restaurant called Cheddars which was very good.

Did not sleep at all because the guy in the room next to us slept with his TV on pretty loud.  Also, the air conditioner was right beside the bed.

However, the next morning we got up and went to the Botanical Gardens which were lovely.  It is run totally by volunteers and they were out there working in the plots in 99 degree weather.  I'll post pictures later tonight on facebook.

Still, we were not sad to leave Amarillo.  We have to stop there on our way home, but it will just be a quick overnight with no interaction with the town....yay.

Today's drive was very pleasant.  We saw some crop circles and stuff like that, but mostly it was all dry and dead looking.  There were signs on the highway that the Fire Danger was Extreme.  We saw a couple more windmill farms, but there is not as much wind as there was yesterday.  John was surprised to see that the digital thermometer in his car had three digits ... bless his heart.

We saw a bazillion grain elevators and passed through towns with names like Hereford, Bovina, and Clovis.  There were as exciting as their names imply.  Saw and took a picture of a cattle farm.  At first I thought it was a semi parking lot or a junk yard, but as we got closer, I realized they were cows.  I pulled off on the shoulder so John could jump out and take a picture.  The stench almost knocked him down.  It was horrible.  Will post the picture later. 

It was really funny to be driving along with everything dead and brown as far as the eye could see, and then "poof" you were looking at a field of sorghum that was as green and plush as any Iowa or Nebraska corn field.  They have these huge irrigation thingys that they drag around with tractors to water those plants.  It looked perverse.

We saw a perfectly square alien space craft with one antenna sticking up out of the center, one alien communication  tower with "pods" all up and down the sides, and one alien trying to disguise itself as a cow, but the dimensions were all wrong .... the neck was too long and too thick and the body was too close to the ground and the head was too small.  It was really weird.  Our own communication devices were disabled for about 60 miles and we assumed that was an alien prank.

And then we arrived in Roswell.  Hurray!  We found our hotel which is quaint and pretty retro.  Moved into our room, but the AC did not work.  hmmm.  Aliens?  So they moved us to another room wherein we promptly took a 2 hour nap. 

The owners of this motel are aliens themselves.  They claim they are from Mesa, AZ, but we know they are really from Remulack.  There are little aliens in the pool now with strange projections coming out of their heads and feet.

Will keep you posted!
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