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We spend days 2 in Marshall, MO--The center of excitement!  We ate breakfast at the hotel and dinner was left over chicken salad at John's Moms.  John took his mom over to Columbia for Red Lobster for lunch and I didn't eat any lunch.  I stayed in the room and watched TV.  I saw "The Object of my Affection" which was not the worst movie I ever saw, but in the running for top 10 worst movies.  That night before we went to bed we went to Wal Mart (the only grocery store in town) and got some bottled water.  It was truly thrilling!

Not much in the way of alien sightings.  I think this place is even too boring for aliens.  They don't even fly over.  However, from our hotel window we could see some sort of tower which might have been part of a grain elevator ... OR ... it could have been some sort of alien communication tower like a cell phone tower or something like that.  I just feel sorry for the aliens who had to come here to build it.  Hopefully they could just beam it here.

John's mother has decided that she wants to move to Louisville.  Bless her heart.  I think she is hoping that by moving around she can stay ahead of old age.  John thinks she has resigned herself to the fact that she is getting old and wants to be near him when she dies.  She wants to move into Brownsboro Place which is a very nice assisted living facility that she looked at when she lived here before.  So, we are going to check into it for her when we get home and she will probably move before school starts.  She is really not doing well living on her own.

That's it --- off to Springfield, MO.
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