Jun. 20th, 2011

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We ate breakfast at the Best Western in Marshall and then beat it out of town!  We were not on the interstate all day.  Well, actually, it wasn't all day, but only about 4 hours.  I saw a genuine (gen you wine) Missouri Jumping mule!  Unfortunately, John did not have his camera at the ready, so we did not get a picture of it.

We arrived in Springfield, MO and went pretty directly to John's undergraduate alma mater.  I got to see the building that used to house the philosophy department, but now houses the education department.  I got to see the very hallway where John and his fellow philosophy majors used to hang out and harass the philosophy professors.  It was every bit as thrilling as you are imagining.  I saw the actual rooms where he had classes.  Eventually, I got hot and tired and sat down on a bench in the shade while he ran around and looked at more buildings.

Then we went for Frozen Yogurt which was awesome.  Then to the grocery for sandwich stuff and back to the room for a nap, picnic, and to watch Will Smith be truly cute in Hancock.

Today started out bad .... John, who forgets everything all the time, made me forget my e-reader at the hotel.  We were about 15 minutes down the interstate which the hotel called that they had found it.  Gotta love hotel housekeeping staff!  So we turned around and went back to Springfield and collected my nook.  Then we were off again.  Now John gets to forget something 479 times before I can give him any shit about forgetting stuff.

The wind was blowing 25 miles an hour which is a lot when you are driving 75 miles an hour (the speed limit in Oklahoma).  We listened to some Paul Simon and marveled at how flat it was.  We passed through several Indian nations.  Cherokee, Sac, Fox, and Kickapoo that I can recall.  We split a subway sandwich which we ate in the car in the parking lot and arrived in Oklahoma City safe and sound.

The only alien evidence we saw the last two days was one alien device being hauled on a flat bed truck.  John did get a picture of that.  Hopefully we will see more and more evidence as we get closer to Roswell.  Oh, and we did see a few crop circles.

Tonight we're off to  Bricktown for fun and games.  http://www.welcometobricktown.com/


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