Jun. 18th, 2011

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We left Louisville about 9 am just at the end of rush hour.  Stopped for breakfast about an hour out at a Cracker Barrel.  Then we listened to (and sang along with) the Hair soundtrack from the original broadway musical.  Somewhere in southern Indiana, we saw 2 Coyotes crossing the road.  The first one ran across just in front of our car, but the other one stopped, waited for a break in traffic. and I watched him cross in my review mirror.  Those things are too smart.  Then we listened to the Roy Rogers/Ray Manzariec CD again.

About St. Louis we hit a terrible storm with gusty winds, lightening, and very heavy rain.  Everyone had their emergency flashers on and we could move only about 35 or 40 miles an hour.  We thought about stopping, but John saw on his I-phone that the storm was long and narrow and if we kept going, we would be out of it in about 20 minutes, but if we stopped, it would take an hour or so.  So, we kept moving.  Finally it stopped and we had beautiful weather the rest of the way.  We had our picnic lunch in the car because of the rain.  It was very uncoordinated, but fun and we had plenty to eat.

We saw very little UFO activity.  There was this one truck.  It was the sort of truck they use to carry automobiles from the factory to the dealers.  But, the various layers were all lowered onto the bed of the truck and it appeared to be empty.  We decided that it was really carrying an alien spaceship that had activated its cloaking device rendering it invisible to our eyes.  It was pretty exciting.

We stopped at one rest area in MO that had a fenced off area with a sign that read something like:  Keep Out - Authorized Personnel Only - Sewage Pit.  I wondered who would WANT to go in there since it was a sewage pit....then I thought that even if I were Authorized Personnel, I would not go in there.  The really odd thing was that it looked just like a small pond and there was no bad odor ... Could this be a government cover up of some sort of Alien activity?????

We arrived in Marshall, MO at about 5 pm, collected John's mom and went directly to Glasgow, MO for dinner at the German pancake house.  It was totally awesome. 

Dennis called to say that Clio is NOT happy.  She would not eat her tuna and she would not have anything to do with them, but she kept meowing...very loudly.  I know she misses me and I miss her.  After dinner, I returned to the hotel while John visited his mother.  I was asleep by 10 pm because I was exhausted from driving all day.


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